Airport WX bot - Menu

Name Commands Uses
Metar metar <icao> Shows the metar for the requested icao
Taf Report taf <icao> Shows the taf report for the requested icao
Charts chart <icao> Gives you a link to the charts for a requested icao, if the chart is not avaible I will be advised and will try to add it.
Icao Info info <icao> Shows some info for the requested icao
Notams notams <icao> Shows the notams for the requested icao
Take off rwy calculation rwy <icao> Shows info on runways for the selected icao, it also calculates the landing and takeoff rwy
Aircraft Info aircraft <reg> Will return info on an airframe
Live Flight Info live <flight number> Will return info on a live flight
Briefing brief <icao> Shows info, raw metar and taf and charts for the selected icao
Vac charts vac <icao> Link for vfr charts (only in France)
Zulu and UTC time zulu Will return the hour in UTC time and Zulu time
Runway Slope Calculator slope <threshold alt> <thr2 alt> <rwy lenght (fts)> Will give you the slope of the runway to be entered in an aircraft fmc
Vatsim Dep/Arr at Icao vat <icao> Will return all the pilots departing and arriving at the requested icao
Vatsim Info on a Pilot/Atc vatpilot <callsign> Will return infos for a callsign on the Vatsim Network
Unit converter convert <value> <unit_in> <unit_out> Will convert values for you (see .help convert for more info)
Invite invite Will give you the link to add the bot to your server
Change Prefixes: changeprefix <prefix> (Admin) Changes the prefix